On {1/28/22} about 4:15am my coworker Harry Dath Pass #45220 and I was warming up in the locker room after spending the last few hours on the roof running and warming up each bus for about 20 minutes then shutting them off in extremely cold condition with ice on the ground and snow falling with limited visibility and buses bunched together with narrow passage to maneuver,  Within 5 minutes of us warming up in the locker room Line supervisor Hector Perez Pass #M31299 walked through the maintenance and cleaners locker room with impunity! As he does almost every night. The locker room is the only location where we are allowed a little privacy, at any given time we are walking through with just an underwear from taking a shower and changing into or out of work attire. Within 2 or 3 minutes after L/S walked through the locker room i heard him paging me to the office, my coworker and I went to the office L/S Perez said he just came from the roof and no bus was running we told him we just got back from the roof, then i asked L/S  Perez tell us exactly what he wants us to do, I repeated the same question to L/S Perez  then L/S Perez came within 2 feet directly in front of me and Immediately falsely accuse me of using my phone to videotape and record the conversation. He also said i was raising my voice and at the same time he was pointing his finger directly in my face. I said to him you are saying I am raising my voice but you are pointing your finger right in my face. L/S Perez immediately remove his hands from my face then he physically assaulted me by poking me in my stomach several times while reprimanding and dictating to me the transit rules and regulations about videotaping and recording on the property. I was stunned and shaken by my supervisor behavior, all of this is happened in the presence of my coworker Harry Dath who was standing behind and to the left L/S Hector Perez also L/S Antonio Forero #M41152 was sitting at his desk, to the left of me. By this time L/S Hector Perez seemed very agitated, then said to me I am giving you a direct order get out of this office go do your job. By this time Harry Dath and I left the office and went back to the roof to warm up the buses again I was extremely appalled and shocked by the actions of my supervisor Hector Perez  I did not realize it at the moment, but that event is still affecting me on a day-to-day basis I am afraid for my life and career due to past situation with L/S Hector Perez and other coworkers.  He also has made it known on several occasions in the past that he studied martial arts. My biggest fear is i do not know what could happen on the next occasion I have to interact with supervisor Hector Perez, almost 5 nights per week sometimes 16 hours per day,  I believe based on his actions he is deliberately singling me out and is projecting excessive hostility towards me with prejudice!! I feel L/S Perez is using his power, position and authority to intimidate and harass me. My work place environment is toxic, I think it is extremely unfair that i should have to continue enduring this kind of abuse of power from Line supervisor Hector Perez.

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