Remote Harassment Policy

Remote Harrassment Policy

After you have read the article attached here, “Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work” by Leah Fessler, find or write a Remote Harassment Policy  (as recommended in the article).  Write and present it as if you were going to distribute it at work. Be sure to cite your sources and put in quotes anything you use verbatim. 

Your Remote Harassment Policy should include the following:  

  1. Define what remote harassment is and include some examples to help employees understand.
  2. Tell how employees are to report remote harassment (what’s the process).
  3. Describe what will happen (what HR will do) upon receipt of a report of harassment from an employee, so that employees will understand the entire process. 

After writing your policy, write one or two paragraphs explaining why you made the choices you did (especially if you share some company’s existing Remote Harassment Policy ). I want to read what you believe is important to include and why.  

You should do some internet research for this assignment. Should not exceed three pages. 

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