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Reflective Journal #2  “Getting Going” 
You are now becoming more familiar with your role and responsibilities. You are learning about where you fit in the organization and building a general understanding of how the organization works.   You might be gaining some insight into the cultural values that drive the company.   You might have the opportunity to witness the core values of the company, seeing them in problem-solving, decision-making, and day to-to-day activities.   Your comfort level with your co-workers may be growing as you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. For your second reflection journal, please share your experience by responding to the following statements/questions.
    Your reflection summary must be a minimum of three (3) FULL pages typed with separate cover page, Times New Roman, 12-size font, double spaced. The paper can NOT be a Q&A paper but must be written in summary format.
    • Now that you have spent time at the company, do you look forward to coming to work?  Explain. 
    • Do you feel like a member and/or part of the company?Why?Why not?
    • How are you learning to do your job?Is there training? Is it effective?
    • Do you understand the organization of the company and/or the department you work in?
    • Is there a reporting structure (e.g., an organization chart)? Is your reporting relationship clearly defined? Explain.
    • Can you identify all the stakeholders of the company? Who are they? If not, why?
    • Do you understand the companys mission, values, objectives and goals?
    • What do you see as the core company values?
    • Do you see these values in problem-solving and decision-making? Explain.
    • How is your work load?
    • Are you being asked to work more time than you thought?
    • As an intern, are you being asked to work more additional time than other employees in the company?If so, why?

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