Read the feedback and try to fix the essays ———————————–

Read the feedback and try to fix the essays
Essay # 1 feedback:
Date is not MLA format. Do not bold titles
What is Betty Frieden’s work you refer to in the intro?
Logos is logic, but more than that. Logos uses facts, definitions, numbers, statistics, etc. How does Frieden use that in her writing?
Pathos uses emotion. How is she using emotion?
Avoid introducing sentences with vague pronouns like “it”
Use double quotes, not single quotes. Don’t reference specific paragraphs by pointing them out in your writing, just cite with page numbers,
Essay #1 feedback:
Date is not MLA format
Don’t bold titles
Don’t put article titles in all caps
Use the authors’ last names when introducing article quotes
Need more in-text citations even if you’re paraphrasing.
Works Cited not MLA formatting.
Essay #3 feedback:
These are not the MLA formats for the current MLA edition. This edition is from before 2016.
All article titles need capitalized

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