Read the article linked below. Imagine you are the CEO of your new company and a

Read the article linked below. Imagine you are the CEO of your new company and aim to create an organizational culture of openness, trust, and transparency. Create a mission statement and a list of 5-6 core organizational values that will shape this culture. Explain the elements and competencies that comprise each of these values. As a means of introducing the mission and the values, offer a personal story of transparency (or lack of transparency) that has served as a driving force in shaping the values.
Rajan, D., Koch, K., Rohrer, K., Bajnoczki, C., Socha, A., Voss, M., Nicod, M., Ridde, V., & Koonin, J. (2020). Governance of the COVID-19 response: A call for more inclusive and transparent decision-making (Links to an external site.). BMJ Global Health, 5(5).
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