Qualified Immunity

In this DP I am asking that you follow the guidelines set forth within DP and that you explore “current issues and topics in policing”.   It is important that you spend some time researching what current topics have arisen in Criminal Justice over the last six months or even the year.  Do not explore a topic that is past one year.  Please identify a corresponding case that illustrates the topic or issue that you are highlighting – use your text as a resource and if you do not have it yet, use another CJ text or scholarly source.  Please also use at least one outside resource that are factual.  Good examples may be the websites for the FBI, Office for Victims of Crime, CJ journals, etc.  I provided you one example already about CJ and COVID.  You will be surprised how much you learn about what is happening in our field in such a short period of time. Be sure to review the examples of a post and reply post.  The initial post should be 4-5 paragraphs with 2-3 references.

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