Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to argue your perspective on a social

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to argue your perspective on a social issue. Your argument should be supported by sources, interviews/surveys, personal examples, and/or established truths; no fallacies should be present in your paper. You will use three- five published sources (from the library) to help support your argument, and those sources need to be cited in your paper and on a Works Cited page, following MLA guidelines. (We will continue to discuss these guidelines in class, as well as possible topic ideas).
Audience: Assume your audience consists of people who are undecided about their viewpoint on this topic.
Format: Your paper should be typed and follow these guidelines:
1) Double-Space.
2) Use 12 Font.
3) Use Times New Roman Script.
4) Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length.
5) Number your paper in the upper right-hand side of your paper, include your last name & page #.
6) Cite three – five sources in your paper, following MLA guidelines.
7) Include a Works Cited Page (MLA guidelines).
8) In the upper left-hand side of your paper, please type the following heading:
Your Name
Mrs. Baldwin
ENG 101
*Please note: You may not use just any sources found on the Internet. Your sources need to come from the College’s library. Failing to cite your sources internally and/ or on a Works Cited page will result in a failing grade.
Evaluation: Your grade will be based on the following requirements:
75 points
1. Introduce your topic in an engaging and thoroughmanner.
2. Explain why people should care about this topic.
3. Include an argumentative thesis statement near the end of your introduction.
4. Give reasons why you developed this opinion (claims).
5. Provide support for your opinions.
6. Clearly explain how all of your support relates to your
argument (reasoning statements).
7. Avoid fallacies: generalizations, stereotypes, arguing off the point, etc.
8. Summarize your main ideas and restate your thesis.
9. Predict what will happen if your audience accepts or rejects your argument.
75 points
1. Use clear writing mechanics.
2. Have proper paragraph structure.
3. Follow all formatting guidelines.
4. Cite four sources internally and on a Works Cited page, following MLA guidelines.
5. Write in 3rd person.
6. Use an argumentative voice, not informative.
7. Audience consideration.

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