PURPOSE: The purpose of the final exam is to provide you the opportunity to th

PURPOSE: The purpose of the final exam is to provide you the opportunity to think both critically and sociologically about the course as a whole. In particular, your syllabus states two primary goals for this course. 1) To examine how society supports, controls, and constrains our arrival into and departure from the social world. 2) To recognize implicit and explicit ethical issues surrounding birth and death.
Integrate what you have learned about death and what you have learned about birth by responding to the following quote noted in Ricardo Herbert Jones’ article Teamwork. In that reading, Jones cites Michel Odent’s statement that: “To change society it is necessary to change the way we are born” (Jones, p. 280). The same could be said for death, if you want to change society you must start by changing how we die.
If you were to focus on a specific value conflict that would impact both how we are born and how we die– where would you focus and what would you seek to change?
Identify whether your ethical choices are grounded in Bioethics or the Ethics of Care model. Explain why the model best supports your plan for resolving your value conflict.
Your analysis must address the way in which social structures and cultural values transform events we define as “natural.”
You are expected to support your discussion with two distinct readings on death and two distinct readings on birth.
Aim for a clear question or thesis; depth in your analysis; textual support of your statements; and creative thought.

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