public health

Be sure to address each main point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. In addition, note the requirements for document format and length and for supporting evidence. Review the assignment instructions and scoring guide to ensure you understand the work you will be asked to complete and how it will be assessed.

 Overall, you will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Summarize your chosen economic issue and its impact on your work, organization, colleagues, and community. 
    • Reiterate your rationale for pursuing this issue, as well as the gap contributing to it that you identified in your Week 3 assignment.
  • Identify any socioeconomic or diversity disparities that exist with how your chosen economic issue impacts any particular groups or populations. 
    • Use at least one piece of evidence to support this disparity (public health data, aggregated data from an organization, or other scholarly resources).
  • Explain the findings of evidence-based or scholarly sources regarding the need to address your chosen issue and pursue potential change or implementation plans. 
    • For example, if your implementation plan includes the need for increased staffing, you might want to research errors or patient falls that occurred as a result of high patient and low staff ratio in the literature.
    • Use at least four evidence-based or scholarly sources that are relevant to your chosen topic to support your explanation.
  • Explain the predicted outcomes and opportunities for growth as the result of the proposed change or implementation plan. 
    • Outcomes and opportunities for growth should focus on economic considerations.
  • Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.

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