PROPOSAL Topic to be researched: In nursing, methods for providing care and hono

Topic to be researched: In nursing, methods for providing care and honoring patients wishes can prove to be difficult and contradictory at times. The decision of ending life early is always one of the most controversial topics to address.
Research question: Should physician assisted suicide (PAS) or Euthanasia be legalized for terminally ill patients?
Supporting Elements:
● Properly screening a terminally ill patient to ensure they are in their right mind and fully understand their decision to end their life.
● Patients should have access to terminal medications that are widely recommended by healthcare professionals to prevent undesirable side effects and unwanted suffering.
● Utilizing and promoting Palliative Care Services as a means to support dying with dignity until death occurs naturally.
THESIS STATEMENT: A terminally ill person’s judgement can be clouded by underlying factors such as depression and fear of suffering, so they may decide to hasten their death because of this. In doing so, they should be afforded the opportunity to receive quality services and medications in order to carry out their wishes as seamlessly as possible. As part of the process, patients should also be comprehensively educated on the services Palliative Care can offer to preserve life until death occurs naturally.
Audience: My professor and fellow classmates in this Research Writing course serve as my audience. My argument is against legalizing physician assisted suicide and euthansia. I do understand that some readers of my paper may feel that a person has the right to die when they want to, but at what cost? If insurance is not willing to approve Seconal that can cost up to $3500 per dose, they have to settle for a cheaper concoction that could cause prolonged death, burning of the throat, vomiting, seizures and pain. My stance is to persuade readers to not give doctors or the courts for that matter the power to play God with patient’s lives. Living with pain and wanting relief will make a person agree to anything. Why not give them the chance to live comfortably until the day they close their eyes and never open them again.
Potential sources: The best sources for my argumentative paper are peer reviewed articles in the most popular journal sources ProQuest, EBSCO, and JSTOR located in the Keiser library. News articles on the internet, medical journals and government websites will provide information on which states are already implementing PAS and death with dignity laws. These sources will both support my view on not legalizing euthanasia and list reasons why some support the decision wholeheartedly for it to be legalized.
Challenges to the research: The only factor I foresee that may make my argument hard to prove, is the type of terminal illness a person may have. If their diagnosis is a short lived one they may not feel it’s worth being made comfortable for such a short period of time. No one really knows how long a person has to live after a terminal illness has been confirmed. If their will is to give up and give in, then death is surely to come much sooner than that of a person who wants quality in the end.
Goals for the project: I would like this argumentative assignment to make readers feel that it is not our duty to take away life. Whether it be our own or the life of someone else. We can’t twist the law to only pertain to a killing as murder or homicide when it’s not being committed by a doctor. I intend to keep improving on my research writing skills to sway my readers to agree with my point of view to preserve life. This will be very helpful in my career as a nurse because I want to be able to educate my patients and their families, doctors, and fellow co workers on important issues that affect us all.
My argument is against legalizing euthanasia.

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