PROFESSORS INSTRUCTIONS: For your second paper, you will analyze two of the mov

For your second paper, you will analyze two of the movies that have screened in class. Through use of the analysis tools we discussed in class and the readings from your textbook, you will compare and contrast your selected films. For example, you can compare and contrast the film’s use of Fictional and Dramatic elements, you can write about the film’s theme and Focus, Editing, cinematography, the Direction, music or acting or any other chapter in our textbook that is of interest. The goal is to choose 1 chapter in the book to focus your analysis. Choose three topics from that chapter and set them up in your intro paragraph, prior to your thesis statement. You cannot write about the same movie you wrote your first essay on. You must choose two other films that we have viewed in class. Essays that use the same film they used for essay 1 will receive an F for this assignment. Your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages long (more than 3 pages is fine), 12-point font and double spaced and must have four sources, one of which can be the film. You will need to cite four sources for your sources cited page, which in this case will be your textbook and the movie can be two. Make sure not to write an essay that summarizes the movie. We have all seen the movie and summary is not analysis. Make sure to quote your sources properly in your paper and avoid plagiarism. Make sure to avoid writing your essay in First Person. Academic essays should be written in the third person. I will grade your paper on the quality/brevity of your thesis statement, which should be located at the end of your introductory paragraph, as well as the content you are setting us as discussional content for later analysis. Grading will also consist of the quality of your analysis and a conclusory/thesis alignment in your conclusory paragraph as well as grammar and punctuation. This essay is worth 20 points, which will be divided evenly over the 5 criteria discussed in the rubric and listed below. Make sure to write a good essay and to avoid plagiarism.
Intro Content (3 topics, hook and set up)__________________
Thesis Statement_________________
Analysis (Body of essay)__________________
Conclusion/Thesis alignment__________________
MY Explanation:
I will provide two movies under this and upload pictures of terms in the book in which you can use only three for the essay. Please write the essay in third person.
I will upload my paper 1 which i submitted with what he has responded to it at the end of the file and also will upload an explanation for the structure of our essay my professor gave me.
Have it done by the due date please.
Pick three terms from terms on file attached and use in essay as relating them to both movies listed.
“A Quiet Place”
Professors response to first paper:
Vesal, A very good paper with very strong analysis. good job setting up your topics in the intro paragraph. Instead of restating your topics in your thesis, you can replace them with the chapter heading as that will convey the overall idea regarding your topics. In this case, Fictional and Dramatic Elements. THESIS Your thesis is very good. Just make sure not to restate the topics here after they are already stated in your intro paragraph. No need to start the thesis off with thus. Portrays may be to passive a word for your thesis. What effect does this have on the audience/viewer? CONCLUSION Very strong here. SOURCES Very good here.

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