Product Marketing

You should download the textbook first, the link is:
Please let me know if you can’t download it. 

You are the Product Manager at a company launching a brandnew Radio Controlled (RC) Drone with build in camera. The features/benefits that you could offer as compared to competition are: 

Below market pricing due to extremely low manufacturing costs. You could sell your product below the competition if you choose to! Doesn’t’ mean you must. Data proving that the camera is “best in class”, extremely high resolution and very lightweight compared to others in the class. Longer battery life than any current drone on the market

You must launch three (3) different drone cameras at different price points, different features & benefits for each, each for a specific target market segment.
Defend your pricing strategy (Skimming, penetrating, or market pricing) for each product, and your target market segment using a Market/Product Grid (Chapter #9, pages #252, 263, 269 for models). I will give you the pdf textbook. So please read the topics. (Market segment and pricing)
Do your Market Research! Use REAL data for the assignment. Be specific.
I have attached screenshot of examples of a market/product grid.
Please include 2-3 paragraphs explainintg the marget segment you choose and the pricing strategy.

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