Prepare a statistical research paper on topic related to Report on Corona Virus Statistics

Prepare a statistical research paper on topic related to
“Report on Corona Virus Statistics “

You can think of taking data based on different demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, states, regions, country, underlying health condition risk factor etc. Not necessary you should consider all variables.
Make sure you present the data in tables and apply calculations like mean, variance, testing, charts(Bar, Line graph, Histogram, Ogives, Pie, … etc. ), percentages, proportions, comparisons etc. Please construct your own graphs and give conclusion of your study based on your calculation and charts from the data.

The expected research paper subheadings and structure is as follows

1) Give a Title to your research paper on the top. Then follow by following steps
2) Abstract – A short paragraph covering the objective for your study. This should appear after the title
3) The actual research paper starts with an Introduction on your topic
4) Give Data tables where ever applicable based on your narrative
5) Do Graphical/pictorial representation of data like bar graphs, Pie graphs, Ogive curve, Frequency polygon, Histograms etc. where ever applicable as per your objective
6) Do Calculations like mean, mode, median, s.d, variance, testing hypothesis, regression, ANOVA where ever it makes sense on your study. Not necessary to apply all the measure listed in your syllabus.
7) Give Summary or conclusion of your study in the end. then
8) List of references or citation of papers or website used for study

Your paper should have 5 pages at least.
No limit on maximum number of pages.
Font size 12 and line spacing 1.5.

Do not copy paste content from website directly. 

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