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The Original Assignment:Give an example of a political issue currently facing healthcare. What is the issue? Who is potentially affected by the issue? How could you address the issue in an ethical manner to minimize potential negative outcomes?

DP #1:Hello classmates,

An example of a political issue currently facing in healthcare is the high cost of care. The issue is that adults who are in worse health are twice likely than adults in better health to delay or go with healthcare due to the high cost of care. Higher health care cost disproportionately effect uninsured adults, Blacks and Hispanic adults and those with lower income. I can  address this issue on an ethical manner to minimize potential negative outcomes by offering ongoing education and resources. 

DP # 2:Politics play a prominent role in the health care system. There are many political issues that healthcare is currently facing. A broad umbrella example with many subsets would be mental health. Unfortunately we hear about mass shootings in schools, churches, and other public environments and there has been huge political debates of whether guns should be banned from obtaining in the United States. Usually after these incidents it is determined by professionals that the suspect usually suffers from some type of mental illness. According to Mental Health America, more than half of adults with mental illnesses do not seek or receive treatment from a professional. This lack of action from the patient could be for a number of reasons, such as shame, mental health stigma, or even affordability. Most psychiatrists and therapists are either not covered by insurance companies or have extremely high copays. There is a relationship between insurance company prices and politics, and that ultimately contributes to patients’ health care.

8 Policy and Political Issues that will Impact Healthcare in 2021 and Beyond



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