Policy Worldview

Policy vs. Worldview Paper Assignment Instructions


There appears to be no shortage of new laws or changesto current law which could be made. Most of these proposals will benefit thepublic. On the other hand, many proposals are designed specifically to helpcertain special interest groups.


You will submit a 35-page paper that criticallydiscusses a contemporary educational policy issue in which the case for oragainst the policy is, or potentially could be, in conflict with biblicalprinciples. You must also provide a personal response to the issue and adiscussion of the implications for K12 educators and students. Consider theconditions and problems that led up to this policy and how the politicalculture influenced its development. Consider the role media might have been asan influence, the stage of implementation for this policy, and how it may agreeor disagree with a biblical worldview.


Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, notincluding the title and reference pages. Use current APA format when writingyour paper. Cite at least 3 scholarly sources that are no more than 5 yearsold. Submit your paper as a Word document.

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