Please write an approproate paper, avoid using extremely big words. please no pl

Please write an approproate paper, avoid using extremely big words. please no plagarism (i will check myself). paraphrase ONLY and site, do not quote anything from books or article. this is an argumentative paper to prove that there is racism in healthcare. please use a minimum of 4 sources but using all 7 cant hurt. please see some sources i picked out below. parahrase twice per body paragraph. the conclusion should be ways to stop racism in heatlthcare.
Calman, N., Ruddock, C., Golub, M., & Le, L. (2005). Separate and Unequal: Medical Apartheid in New York City. New York, NY: Institute for Urban Family Health.
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Washington, H. A. (2006). Medical apartheid: The dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present. Doubleday Books.

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