Please submit a brief proposal (one page) describing your topic for your Marketi

Please submit a brief proposal (one page) describing your topic for your Marketing plan that is due in week 7. Keep in mind your final paper is an 15 page marketing plan for a product or service of your choice. I expect your paper to be well researched, clearly written, well organized and generally reflective of graduate level academic work. Things to include in a proposal: What (company or product), Why ( does the company not exist, are they missing the mark, or do you just want to write a new innovative plan for the company), and some preliminary thoughts on “how”. This could include a new market you intend to reach or a new strategy you want to employ.
This proposal must be in APA format.
(Please note there is no specific form for a marketing plan proposal, so structure it like a typical APA formatted paper including a proper title and reference page)
Please name your assignment file as ‘lastnamefirstinitial-MKTG600-assignment#
Course Objectives:
Develop a Marketing Plan
Define the process for bringing a new product or service to the market.
Exceeds expected level of explanation and discussion on the assignment areas/topics. All areas included in the analysis.
Student demonstrates proficient command of the subject matter in the assignment. Assignment shows an impressive level of depth of student’s ability to relate course content in examples given.
The writing has a clearly articulated original thesis and subordinate ideas supported by reliable and relevant evidence based on original research.
Paper contains less than 2 total grammatical and/or spelling errors.
Paper contains less than 2 APA errors.
Paper meets the length requirement for the assignment.

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