Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post. Minimum of 100 words. 

Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post. Minimum of 100 words. 
In a democratic republic form of government such as that practiced in the United States, it is the citizens who determine whether any aspect of the government is illegitimate. Police legitimacy exists when citizens deem that the police serve their intended function in a fair and appropriate manner. When a community views the police as legitimate, members are more likely to cooperate with police, recognize police authority, and comply with the law. Police legitimacy is maintained through a delicate balancing act that requires effort at all levels of a law enforcement organization, but particularly at the executive level.
As a police chief, I would rely heavily on open communication and transparency in my efforts to ensure police legitimacy. The public must be informed of the reasons police do the things they do. This includes the fact that police work is not always polite or comfortable to watch. At the same time, the public needs to feel confident that officers will be held accountable when they fail to act in a fair and appropriate manner.
I would also communicate with officers to let them know that they are encouraged to pursue the noble cause, but that they must do so within the parameters of the law and policy, or risk losing public faith. This would require buy-in from the line officers, as chiefs have very little control over what officers do in the streets. To that end, I would consistently model the behavior I want to see from my line officers and ensure that my subordinate leaders do the same.
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