Part one of the Final Project is to be a well-crafted Project Plan. Part two of

Part one of the Final Project is to be a well-crafted Project Plan.
Part two of the Final Project is to be a Project Summary which gives a detailed narrative of the proposed project.
The rationale behind the summary section is to test your knowledge of Advanced Project Management in light of real world application. As such, the summary is to discuss each component of the Project Plan in light of the reading material and concepts learned throughout the duration of the course.
The summary section is to be written in accordance with APA standards which will require that you integrate appropriate in text citation. Further, you will be required to use a minimum of 10 sources to be included in the reference section. This project is to be submitted as one document and is to contain a cover sheet and reference section and does not count toward the final page count.
Project Plan Components:
Purpose of project*
Stated goals and objectives*
Clearly defined scope*
Required deliverables*
Internal and external constraints
Basic assumptions
Project schedule**
Project milestones**
Risk assessment
Detailed descriiption of quality controls
Proposed control tools
Proposed resource estimates**
Descriiption of standards
Change procedures
Work plan
Post project sign-off forms
* Use the documents created in Week 1 (with any updates/corrections suggested by your instructor) for these components.

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