Part C: Team-Building (Group 7. As a group, design or choose a 25-30 minute team

Part C: Team-Building (Group
7. As a group, design or choose a 25-30 minute team-building activity to increase the
effectiveness of your team. Explain why you think this activity will increase the
effectiveness of your team. Remember that this is a team building activity – not a
“getting to know you” session. An ice-breaker session can be conducted prior to this
team activity.
8. Conduct the team-building activity as a group, documenting the experience using
video or moving screen-capture technology, such as Zoom. All team member faces
and names need to be visible.
Part D: Analysis and Reflection (Individual)
Your individual write-up for Assessment 4 is a Reflective Report – which means it should be
in first person (using I, me & the names for your group members) and in a formal business
report format, including appropriate headings for each section.
BIZ102_Assessment 4 Brief 220114.Docx 221401 Page 3 of 6
9. Describe your team-building activity in one sentence.
10. Discuss the dynamics and roles you have observed within the team through the lens of
the EQ, VIA Character Strengths, culture, diversity and VUCA skills of your team
11. Discuss the extent to which your team behaved as you predicted from Part B
12. Consider Tuckman’s Model from Module 5 – discuss how your group went through the
stages of Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing.
13. What have you learnt about your capacity to contribute effectively to a team?
14. Provide recommendations regarding how you could further improve your
contribution to this team or a team in the future

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