Nutrition Assignment  3 Day Nutrition Journal/Assignment (10%) Please follow all

Nutrition Assignment 
3 Day Nutrition Journal/Assignment (10%)
Please follow all the instructions for the assignment. Missed details will result in lost marks
This assignment will demonstrate your knowledge of nutrition learned from the class.
•  Please follow all the steps
•  Each step is worth 2 marks!
1st Step- Go to the website and scroll down close to the bottom where it says “ Daily Needs Calculator.” Please fill it out with your information then click calculate and then print the page and attach to the rest of your assignment.
2nd Step-Record everything you have eaten for 3 days, including your snacks. Your page should have columns of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and what you drank. There should also be columns for what day you recorded your food intake-Mon. Tues. Wed., etc.…
_•  Please create a table and TYPE this step
3rd Step-Look at the Healthy Plate below that we discussed in class and compare the meals that you have eaten with your 3-day journal. Please explain to me your comparisons in a couple of sentences. E.g.: good, healthy, need to work on better meals, and so forth and why.
•  There is a better picture on the power point from this  Week 10 on moodle.
• Please TYPE your answer for step 3
4th Step-Discuss in a couple of sentences how you will achieve eating better in the future.
_•  Please TYPE your answer for step 4
5th and final step- Complete the picture below to create what is a healthy and realistic meal for you and your stage in life. If you are pregnant, vegetarian or a vegan, please clearly state that for me.
__•  Please use a PEN/MS word for this portion
__•  Also add a healthy drink
__•  Please follow the Eat Well Plate as a guide
__•  You may create your own picture, or you can use the one below.

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