Nurses in Leadership Roles at surgical unit

Paper Expectations

The paper should be written using scholarly writing and formatting, as discussed in American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.). Washington, DC.  Use Times New Roman 12 font throughout with 1-inch margins.  Double-space the paper.  Repeat the title on the first page of the paper body.  It should be centered and not bolded.  Use section and appropriate levels of headings.  Indent each new paragraph.  Left-justify the entire paper. 

1. Cover Page. Develop a cover page according to APA which includes a running head, page number, title, authors’ names (in alphabetical order), institutional affiliation, course number & name and assignment due date.  Use Times New Roman 12 font throughout. You do NOT need an abstract.  This assignment will be submitted by a single team member.  Although there are no minimum or maximum word length, be as CONCISE as possible.  APA format favors brevity and accuracy.  Flowery speech is not recommended. 

2. Introduction. Introduce the topic and the clinical unit.  Promote interest in and describe the importance of the topic.  Identify the leadership roles described in the paper.

3. Leadership Essentials. In one or two paragraphs summarize your understanding of the essential leadership and management skills associated with contemporary clinical leadership roles.  Do the following.

a) Describe the leadership skills and concepts essential to effective leadership.  References in addition to your textbooks are acceptable. 

b) Describe the management skills needed to lead effectively.  References in addition to your textbooks are acceptable. 

3. Leadership Roles. Fully describe and explore the importance of each selected leadership role. Discuss how the role functions on the clinical unit and the organization.  Minimally, answer the following questions.

a) What is the purpose of the role and key responsibilities?

b) What are the qualifications and/or requirements for the position?

c) Who does the role report to? What department is the position in?

d) How does this position support:

i. Nursing staff?

ii. The clinical unit?

iii. The organization?

iv. Patient outcomes?

e) Knowledge and application of which leadership theories are likely to be most useful in this leadership role?  Explain.

f) Which leadership styles are likely to have the greatest positive impact on outcome achievement? Why?

g) What management skills are critical to the leadership role?  Which position responsibilities are covered by each skill?

h) What types of power are useful or most effective in this leadership role?

i) What current issues (identified in your Huston textbook) are especially relevant to the leadership role?

j) What was learned about the role from any interviews/observations?

4. Leadership Role Analysis. Analyze the characteristics of the leadership roles.  Synthesize the interdependencies and synergies of the roles on the clinical unit. Specifically:

a) Compare and contrast the characteristics of the team’s selected leadership roles.  How are they similar? Different? 

b) Are the roles interdependent?  How? 

c) Describe the potential for conflict between the leadership roles.

d) How do the roles impact the clinical unit? The nursing staff?

e) How do they support the clinical unit and nursing staff?

5. Conclusion. Summarize the findings in the paper and develop a conclusion about the topic.

6. Reference List. Develop a Reference List according to APA.  An example is presented on page 66.

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