Networking is a very important ongoing practice for successful career management

Networking is a very important ongoing practice for successful career management! To complete this required assignment, you must upload into the corresponding Assignments section of Brightspace a 4-5 page report (double-spaced) of a professional association/group meeting (with multiple organizations represented at the event) that you attend sometime during the summer. This is a terrific opportunity for you to find a local professional group (do a Google search for a convenient meeting location!) in your specific area of career interest, providing extremely valuable future networking and even mentoring connections that will greatly benefit your career start-up and ongoing success! Also feel free to consider general organization meetings, such as a local chamber of commerce reception for small businesses and new venture start-ups, or other meetings open to the professional public, or even attend a local conference or trade fair such as is often held in downtown L.A. in the Staples Center or in any city’s convention center. Students also have successfully found valuable local networking events by going to or and selecting an event that appears most appealing. Let me know if you need any assistance in finding a suitable professional gathering to attend. Be sure to plan for attending this networking event ASAP—don’t procrastinate!
You will begin your networking report with a brief descriiption of the professional meeting or meetings you attended (e.g., whether online or in person, when, where, nature of the group/association, and why you chose this particular meeting). Then include the names and background information of four or five professionals that you met at the meeting, with a brief (e.g., a few sentences) descriiption of what you learned about each of these individuals and his/her organization.

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