my approach is integrative, combining psychodynamic (specifically adlerian, indi

my approach is integrative, combining psychodynamic (specifically adlerian, individual psychology), and humanistic (person-centered)
What general theoretical orientations as well as specific theoretical concepts or techniques does your theoretical approach draw from? If your approach is integrative, explain how the combo complement each other.
How would you describe your personal theoretical approach to counseling?
What are your views of personal development and of personality?
Based on your goals you strive for with your future clients (from your identity paper) what are the therapeutic factors that contribute to change and growth according to your selected theoretical approach?
What multicultural perspectives and blind spots does your theory have? How you can you address your clients’ socio-cultural and political context using this theory?
Has your approach changed or evolved because of what you have learned in this course? If so, how?

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