Mini Case Study 5 Instructions You have been called to a meeting with CEO Jacob

Mini Case Study 5 Instructions
You have been called to a meeting with CEO Jacob Zielinski and Calvin Wright from Legal to discuss an issue that involves culture and conflict resolution.
Video Transcript:
CEO: Good morning! We are here today to talk about the change initiative that we are planning for our Bangalore call center. Based on recommendations from last month, we are going to change the work hours in our call center to 40 hours a week. However, this is going to involve a shift in the working hours for most of our employees, since we still need to maintain 24/7 service. So, we are hiring new employees who will be shadowing our current customer service employees. The current employees will be training the new employees on the job.
COO: Yes, I’ve heard from the managers that some of the employees are concerned about this. They’re saying that their work hours went down but their workload went up because they need to train the new employees! They are afraid that the new employees will just be a burden on them.
CEO: It’s very frustrating because we are trying to improve the working conditions while maintaining quality customer service. We’d like to hear what your role can be in this change and how you can help us overcome employee resistance.
COO: You know I am big on data, so I’ve collected some data on change readiness among the employees. I would like you to analyze this data and write up a summary of what you find. Also, I am concerned about performance, so I would like to see some key performance indicators tracked and measured after we increase the number of employees.
CEO: Overall, this is a three-part task: We need a plan for what HR can do to help prepare for this change, a summary of what we know about change readiness among the employees, and at least three KPIs you suggest tracking and measuring. Since today is Monday, I am hoping you could have something for us by the end of the week.
Mini Case Study 5
First, prepare a one-page brief explaining the source of conflict and the cultural dimensions behind it. Then, you will prepare PowerPoint slides to provide employees with information about Parlatech’s performance-based promotion system (as you envision it). Your presentation should clearly
identify characteristics of organizational and societal culture,
explain the conflict,
discuss the relevant differences in cultural values behind the conflict, and
describe how Parlatech will implement your performance-based system that prioritizes equity and rewarding high performance.
Support your explanations and your promotion system with evidence from your readings and/or other research.
Professors Instructions:
For this week’s case you’ll be writing 1 page (really, JUST 1 page of content). And preparing a short (4-5 slides of content) PowerPoint presentation.
You’ll need to do a bit more research on India again.
The 1-page paper is a paper. So, there will be a title page and a References page. The one page of content is a one-page memo. ONLY one page. That’s the hard part. It needs to maintain readability. Do NOT shrink fonts lower than 11 in size. Do change the margins if you need to. Do go to a single space if you need to. Retain your use of bold headers, Introductions, and Recommendations, even if these are just one sentence. And yes there’s a subject line and a from your name just like at the office. The point here is the boss needs to know and you’ve been boxed into just one page. Deductions if you go over. The trick and learning are to write what you need and then winnow it down through editing.
In addition, you’ll prepare a PowerPoint presentation per the topic and use of the case. Just 4 or 5 pages of content. Plus Title Page, Intro, Summary, and References. Make sure that these are readable on the screen as if the presentation was being shown F2F in conference rooms with a screen on the wall and people watching by zoom, too. Revisit the Announcement/email on what makes for a good PowerPoint.

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