Consider the following fictional scenario:


Your company has been hired as a consultant specializing in risk management and cyber security by Amazon – an ecommerce retailer that sells a broad range of products and services globally and is one of the world’s biggest providers of cloud computing services. The competition between Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud offerings is continuing to be fierce. Imagine that Amazon is looking to develop new cutting-edge technology that will have an edge over its competition. The research will be highly guarded and protected. In the recent news, Amazon was the subject of negative PR, with warehouse worker strikes due to unfair working conditions. Hacker groups, such as anonymous, have been actively probing the Amazon networks and services in retaliation. Warehouse workers currently have access to other facilities and buildings, as well as co-workers in different departments, who may join the planned strikes. There have been reports of phishing campaigns sent to Amazon employees, from senior executives to delivery drivers, all of whom have emails.


  1. Provide a SWOT analysis for the organization.
  2. Include a SWOT Matrix at the end of the analysis. For an example of the SWOT Matrix and to download the template, please see Week 3 page)
  3. Identify 3 risks the organization may be facing and suggest risk mitigation strategies for each risk.
  4. List 3 likely threats, physical and cyber, this organization could face and ways to reduce risk for each.
  5. Based on NIST Cyber Security Framework, list the actions you would take for each function, to better protect the organization against the threats in this scenario

 Double space, minimum 750 words.

– Include a cover page and cite your sources using an APA format.

– The assignment should be submitted through ELMS in a WORD (.doc or .docx) format file.

– Late assignments will incur a 10% penalty for each day they are late.

This paper will be automatically submitted to Turnitin. Any paper with score above 30% match to any previous work previously submitted, may be marked as plagiarized and given a 0%. 

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