Marriage and Family Relations The purpose of this paper is to interview a family

Marriage and Family Relations
The purpose of this paper is to interview a family and to analyze family processes from a
sociological perspective. The end result of this paper will be a sociological portrait of your
subject family. You may use your own family, but may also select another family. Your
interview will probably touch onto many themes covered in the course. Try to explore just a
couple of themes more in depth. You can either tape record your interview or take notes.
Some themes that may emerge in your interview are family structure, family change, parenting,
child rearing practices, work and family, gender structures and ideals, marriage, divorce,
remarriage, dysfunction and conflict handling, dating / mate selection, family violence.
The basic tasks that you will need to complete for this assignment:
choose and contact your interview subject / set up an interview schedule / develop an interview
outline / conduct interview / transcribe interview / complete analysis of interview / allow subject
to review the first draft / revise and rewrite paper / turn in completed paper
Form and Content
The paper should be at least 5 pages long. All papers have to be typed or computer-printed, 1.5
spacing, standard font, spell-checked, and proofread. Spelling, grammar, and writing style will
be part of the grade. Use appropriate ASA citation format for your references and citations.
On the first page, list general information describing your family, such as names (pseudonyms),
age and sex of family members, educational and occupational status of family members,
racial/ethnic background, religious orientation, housing of family.
Do not use the real names of the subjects! Give them pseudonyms to protect their identity.
The bulk of the paper should contain a discussion of the content of the interview, relating the
interview material to sociological concepts discussed in the class. Do not summarize the
interview, rather synthesize the information and compare and explain the family’s experience
using the concepts from the course material.
Include a small section on methods with information on why you selected your interview subject,
time and place of the interview, length of interview, and if you tape-recorded your interview or
relied on notes.

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