Many types of jobs are available in the behavioral science field.  Choose an occ

Many types of jobs are available in the behavioral science field.  Choose an occupation from  . Research that job and write an APA format 2-3 page paper.  You can conduct research through the library, career websites, the Career Center, personal interviews with people who currently hold the position, job “shadowing,” or any other method (multiple sources expected).  Include an additional page for references using APA formatting (not part of page requirements).  Refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook( to find career information. 
Your grade on this assignment will be based on the extent to which you cover the following information in your research paper, the quality of your research (work hard to find multiple sources), and utilizing APA format. 
Section 1 – What is this job? What are typical titles?
Describe the nature of the work. List at least three job duties or work tasks performed in this occupation. What kind of work would someone do if he or she were hired as a college graduate with no prior experience in this field What other occupations are related to this job? What is the history of this occupation and what does it do for society?
Section 2 – Training/Licensing/Certification and Other Qualifications
What is the lowest level of education needed for entry into this occupation? What is the most desirable education level? Is special licensing or certification required? If so, please explain. Which major(s) or courses of study or training are most desirable? What kinds of skills are needed? Please be as specific as possible. Does this occupation have specific physical requirements and/or desirable personal traits (friendliness, patience, etc.)? If so, please describe them.
Section 3 – Advancement and Job Outlook
What are the opportunities for advancement in this job? What is the turnover rate for employees in this occupation? List at least three kinds of organizations that employ people in this occupation. What is the projected employment outlook for this occupation?
Section 4 – Salary and Benefits
What is the potential salary range for this occupation? What other benefits are generally associated with this job?
APA Format Requirements 
The following MUST be included in your paper.  
1 – Title Page
2 – In Text Citations in APA Format
3 – Reference Page in APA Format

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