Major Speech 4 – Special Occasion Major Speech 4 Approved Topics, Speech Round D

Major Speech 4 – Special Occasion
Major Speech 4 Approved Topics, Speech Round Dates, Speaking Order
To Be Announced
Overview/Basic Requirements
Theme of Speech Round: “Special Occasion”
Purpose: Special Occasion, See Ch 18
Type of Speech: Extemporaneous
Your Speech Topic: Propose your topic by completing the Speech 4 Topic Proposal Assignment (a quiz in eCampus).
First, you will identify the type of Special Occasion Speech: Select one of the following types of special occasion speeches:
Award Presentation & Acceptance (page 348+)
Tribute/Commemorative (page 350+)
Extended toast
Speech of inspiration (such as sermon, commencement/graduation address, or motivational talk) (not directly in Ch 18)
Second, you will identify your topic of choice:
Students who do not complete the Topic Proposal will present a Tribute Speech with the topic as “My Birthday.” The specific purpose will be: “To celebrate the day I was born by researching and explaining events that occurred on my birth day throughout history.”
Speaking Time: 3 to 5 minutes
Organization: The organization of each speech in this round will vary, but every speech must have a clear Introduction, body, and conclusion (closure). Click here Formal Outline Template to access the and here for Additional Outlining and MLA Resources.
Formal Outline: Download, save, and type into the standard Outline Template for this class to begin creating the Working Draft; adapt the outline as needed for your speech. Develop the Working/Rough Draft Outline into a complete, full-sentence, typed Final Draft Formal Outline which you will turn in prior to the presentation.
Research: Two sources required. Due to the type of speech, an academic source is not required for Speech 4. However, sources used must be credible. Both sources must be listed in MLA format on a Works Cited (included with the Formal Outline), included in the Formal Outline as an in-text (also called written or parenthetical citation), and cited aloud to the audience as a verbal/oral citation during the live presentation. Need help? Contact Mrs. Linda Gray – Class Librarian
Key Word Speaking Outline: Create, rehearse, and speak using a one-page front only OR a maximum of 6 note-cards (front only) that is a “key word” summary of the Formal Outline (not a copy of the Formal Outline). After your presentation, you will upload the Key Word Outline to the appropriate dropbox for grading.
Required Visual Aid: One visual aid – of your choice – must be included. This may be a handout, object, etc. or a simple PowerPoint (title slide + 1 or 2 content/image slides). No videos.
Review this: Course Policies – for Public Speaking in SPCH 1315 Students are expected to follow all speech policies and requirements including professional business attire and appropriate, respectful classroom behavior.
5 points – Topic (Discussion post)
30 points – Formal Outline/MLA formatted Works Cited (dropbox upload)
20 points – Visual Aid (PPT)
70 points Extemporaneous Presentation (Classroom)
Please look at the upload files, and you can fill in the blanks

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