Major Research Assignment Sheet Proposal Argument Essay This assignment fulfill

Major Research Assignment Sheet
Proposal Argument Essay
This assignment fulfills course objectives
1, 2, 3, and 4
Objective: A proposal argument proposes a change that will affect a large number of people for the better. For the Major Research essay, you must find a problem that you are personally familiar with and/or passionate about and offer a solution.
Choose a problem that you consider important, interesting, significant, etc.; ensure you select a problem that you are personally and intimately familiar with and/or passionate about. But this problem must also impact a large number of other people for the better. Your proposal should take those people into account as part of your audience.
Find out who would be in a position to enact your proposal. How can you make your solution seem like a good idea to these people?
Propose your solution as specifically as you can. What exactly do you want to achieve? How exactly will your solution work? Has anything like it been tried elsewhere? Who will be involved?
Consider other solutions that have been or might be proposed for this problem, including doing nothing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of those solutions? Why is your solution better?
Examine how easy your solution is to implement. Will the people most affected be willing to go along with it? Lots of things can be accomplished if enough people volunteer, but groups often have difficulty getting enough volunteers to work without pay. If it costs money, how do you propose paying for it?
Conclude with the benefits. How do all parties involved benefit from enacting/participating in your proposal?
Basic Criteria: 1000-1200 words, MLA Format, 11 or 12 pt font, any easy to read, basic font (EXCEPT Courier New) ** See the MLA Format directions link on Moodle for more info on formatting your essay**
**Word Count Note: You are allowed to go OVER the word count by a 100-200 words or so without points deducted. EDIT your writing to reduce your word count if you are more than 300 words over the limit. Essays UNDER the required limit will LOSE POINTS.
Topic Rules:
–Only one person per class can write on any given specific problem with THE SAME specific solution. (Meaning, if two students students choose to write about the need for recycling, but one student writes about bringing recycling to their hometown and another student wants to bring recycling to ULM, that’s doable. Two students trying to bring recycling to ULM is not doable.)
**At this point, topics have already been selected and approved, research has been conducted, and thesis statements crafted. Any drastic changes from the Informational Analysis Unit into this Major Research Unit MUST be discussed and approved by Ms. Meredith.
Introduction Paragraph:
–Include a first person (I, me, my, etc.) anecdote of your personal experience with the main problem concerning your topic. Slip into story-telling mode and SHOW your audience your experience with your topic using bold sensory details (touch, taste, sound, smell, and sights). Include your “ABC” thesis statement.
Problem Paragraph:
–Define the problem. Show that it’s real and serious with source support. Show that you aren’t the only person who will benefit from the changes you are proposing in the essay.
Solution Paragraphs 1 & 2:
–This should be the most detailed part of the whole essay. You’ll break down exactly what needs to happen, step-by-step, to accomplish your solution. Pretend you’re pitching your idea to the people who can make your proposal a reality. Tell them what they need to know to “green-light” your proposal and agree that your solution is the best option for everyone.
–Across these two paragraphs, list the steps (in order) involved in making your proposal a realistic solution, detailing the logistics of each step. For each major step involved, provide source support to prove that this step (or these steps in this order) is the best solution.
Conclusion Paragraph:
–Restate the rephrased thesis. Detail how every person/entity involved in the steps to accomplishing your solution will BENEFIT from participating as well as why/how the people who “green-light” your proposal will benefit also.
Works Cited:
— 4-6 total sources are required for this essay. The Works Cited page will only contain the sources USED in the Major Research Essay. (Don’t copy all 10 sources from your Annotated Bib in the Informational Analysis Unit onto your Major Research Essay Works Cited page.)
–Avoid sounding cheesy or like a commercial. This is not an advertisement.
–The overall essay will be in an informative/persuasive (3rd person pronouns) perspective with only the introduction paragraph including your personal (1st person pronouns) perspective detailing your firsthand experience/passion when interacting with the problem associated with your topic.

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