Macroeconomics paper

n a 2-page paper, address the following:

The text describes several fiscal policy options to stabilize the economy: Changes in Government Purchases, Business Taxes, Income Taxes, and Transfer Payments. Based on what you’ve learned so far in the course, determine if the country you are living in currently needs economic stimulus or contraction. Describe how each policy option could specifically be used to change the national economy. Example: Country Z needs economic stimulus. The government could lower the business tax on buying new equipment. This would stimulate the economy because firms would have more money to invest which, in turn, increases demand in the equipment supply sector.

Ensure you have presented your assignment in a logical format, that has an introduction paragraph, the body (one or more paragraphs), and a concluding paragraph. Also, ensure that you have the appropriate formatting to avoid plagiarism and the appropriate grammar (this may be achieved by using free tools available on the Internet).

The following criteria will be used to grade the papers:

Expansion or contraction is selected for the given country.
Each of the four policy options were identified and explained well.
The explanations of how and why the policy would be effective were correct for each.
Organization and style of the essay.

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