Lululemon Athletica Strategy in 2020 Case Study

his case subject Lululemon Athletica allows for an evaluation of the company by applying the tools of analysis covered in chapters 1-6 by identifying and evaluating a companys strategy and identifying strategic issues/problems that merit top management attention and then proposing action recommendations to resolve these issues/problems. The case provides an opportunity for students to evaluate industry and competitive conditions, weigh an assortment of competitive factors, draw a strategic group map, identify driving forces and key success factors, think strategically about Lululemons resources and capabilities versus those of its main rivals, crunch some numbers in the financial exhibits, and make action recommendations regarding Lululemons future course of action.

  • Read the case study Lululemon Athletica Strategy in 2020 on p. c68 of Thompson, et al.
  • Write a 3 to 4-page double-spaced response that addresses the organization’s strategy.
  •  as you develop your case study.
  • Use the rubric below to guide your efforts and apply APA formatting.

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