lindell and Perry readings

  1. Lindell and Perry state "the relevant effects are changes in receivers’ beliefs and behaviors" regarding warnings.  They go on to describe and give examples of receiver characteristics.  Name the characteristics and the examples they provide.
  2. What do Lindell and Perry say about message ambiguity (in your own words). What do they predict will occur if a message is ambiguous?
  3. Summarize how the environmental and social context impact a warning message from the receiver’s perspective?  What do Lindell and Perry identify as aspects of the environmental and social context?
  4. Lindell and Perry spend a considerable amount of time discussing perceptions.  Name the three locations of perceptions which they describe. Explain in 1-2 sentences how each category might impact the receiver taking protective action.
  5. Review the section titled "Protective Action Decision Making" carefully.  In your own words, outline the process and steps they present. 
  6. Identify examples of both situational impediments and facilitators to protective action.  What might an emergency manager do to alleviate impediments and increase facilitators for the communities they serve? How might situational factors be related to a receiver’s environmental and social context?

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