Length: 8-10 pages (double-spaced) Texts: Course Readings (no external texts or

Length: 8-10 pages (double-spaced) Texts: Course Readings (no external texts or sources) Purpose: To engage in a sustained inquiry on a question, theme, or topic of your choosing. – You may choose to work with one text exclusively or with multiple texts. You can go in either direction; however, my only recommendation is that one text serves as your anchoring text (on which you will focus on for the majority of your essay). Remember that you only have 8-10 pages. – Lead with a single question (not 10 questions!). You will need both concepts and passages that you interpret that serve to illuminate aspects of your question. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not need, nor do I want you to answer your question. I simply wish for you to reach a deeper level of clarity, understanding, and sense in relation to your question. – Hold a position. This doesn’t mean that you will commit to this view for the rest of your life. I say this because my criterion of not wanting you to answer the question should not be misunderstood as having no stakes in this argument. Please highlight why this question is important for all of us to consider, demonstrating why you have chosen to explore it further. Side note: Main theme in Book 4 is Justice, so you create a question surrounding this theme or further explain the theme.

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