Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an expla

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This was an 4000 words assignment with 4 sections, please read the GUIDE in every section before writingSection 1: Leadership & Self Analysis (suggested word limit for this section is 1400 words) a) Critically review various leadership models/theories in light of digital leadership e.g., Trait Theory or Contingency Theory. Please use other digital leadership theories Guide: You need to select two or three leadership theories (based on the word count). Try not to select theories which are already outdated e.g., great man theory, transactional theory etc. You should begin by explaining the theory in few lines and then critically review it with digital leadership traits and characteristics. b) Identify digital leadership traits and conduct a thorough self-analysis, using a range of diagnostic tools and frameworks (available on the blackboard), to demonstrate your overall leadership strengths and areas for development in the context of digital technical leadership. Personality Insight Workplace Culture Management Skills Strengths Emotional Control Motivation at Work Guide: After completing the proposed self-assessment, generate a list of Strengths and areas of weaknesses. Keep the ones that is related to digital leadership traits and remove the rest. You are not required to produce a list of digital leadership traits. 15 Section 2: – Leadership Capabilities and Behaviours (suggested word limit for this section is 1000 words) Provide examples of the leadership capabilities and behaviours that can be applied to the management of geographically dispersed teams and evaluate how your examples can be applied in your practice or within a role to which you aspire to which requires this competence. Highlight ethical, social, and legal responsibilities for a digital leader in the selected scenario. Guide: This part of the assessment requires you to demonstrate your leadership capabilities and behaviour. Consider yourself working as a digital leader in an organisation, having a geographically dispersed team working under you. How will you manage that team? You need to provide the problems you will face and then propose a solution to these problems. Also highlight your ethical, social, and legal responsibilities towards that team. 25 Page 3 of 6 Assignment LD 7090 Leadership in Digital Age 2021-22 Section 3: – Business Transformation (suggested word limit for this section is 1000 words) Identify and critically evaluate a contemporary issue from your professional practice or research and provide an evaluation as to how digital technical leadership can enhance business transformation and performance of this issue. Guide: This part of the assessment requires you to demonstrate, how will you apply business transformation working as a digital leader. Hence you need either consider (or take an example from your workplace) working as a digital leader. During your role how will you transform the business, how this will benefit the organisation and what resources will be required for the transformation. Section 4 – Personal Development Plan (600 words)Complete a personal development plan identifying a range of personal development objectives that would evidence your ability to demonstrate the competences to be an effective leader in the digital age. You should draw on your findings in the earlier sections to contextualise and justify how these objectives will enable you to be an effective Leader in Digital Age to your current role or role to which you aspire. This plan should set out objectives for your future approach to leadership with a range of learning activities, success criteria and timescales. Guide: This part of the assessment requires you to produce a list of goals and objectives.
Requirements: 4000

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