“Layering Reports: The Executive Summary” at https://youtu.be/QRIjQ11GDyw “The E

“Layering Reports: The Executive Summary” at https://youtu.be/QRIjQ11GDyw
“The Executive Summary: A Closer Look” at https://youtu.be/3Ka897Z8oRQ”
After you have watched the videos, write a draft of your Executive Summary, then copy and paste it into a reply to this discussion prompt. After posting your document, give constructive comments and suggestions for revisions to at least two of your classmates. Keep in mind everything you have learned about writing clearly and concisely, using appropriate rhetorical strategies to persuade the reader, etc.
Throughout your career as a manager, you will be asked (and will ask others) to provide feedback and suggestions on a variety of written documents, so consider this exercise a good head start on this practice.
For this exercise (and in the final version as well) you will need to use headings to introduce the problem, provide brief but relevant background, propose your solution, and detail the sequential steps the decision-maker must take to implement your proposed solution. Including headings for these segments will help you address every one completely AND will help focus the reader.
The actual propsoal is attached along with the executive summary with some feedback.
Grading criteria:
In correct format with “EXECUTIVE SUMMARY” as title (no memo or report headers, etc., needed)
Addresses a specific REAL problem in your workplace, school, church, region, or volunteer
Identifies (a) the Problem and (b) impact of Problem, and proposes (c) a Solution and (d) Steps that decision-maker must take to implement that Solution.
At least one-half page single-spaced (around 300 words or so)
Does not use “we” or “our” wording to identify research or recommendations (which would mask the amount of work/effort done by the writer alone)
Does NOT tell the reader who the decision-maker is (because the reader IS the decision-maker)
Wording makes it obvious that the Executive Summary is addressed to the decision-maker and not to the professor or to the class
Expresses what is contained in the attached proposal and does NOT suggest what “will be written” or “will be researched” at a later date
Uses appropriate spelling, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and mechanics
Reflects positive tone

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