Job or internship listing

Assignment guidelines

This assignment connects to your Career Plan. Based on the goals you have set and your career plan find a job listing. If you have never held a position in the field you plan to enter then this would be an internship or entry position job. If you are already working in your chosen field, then this would be the next level job that will take you one step closer to your goals.  


  1. Find an “Entry position” or “Internship” that you would like to apply for or a job posting for your next level job based on your Career Plan.
  2. Read the listing closely to see if it fits into your career plan. 
  3. Copy and paste the job-posting on a word document.
  4. Include the URL of the job-posting.
  5. Highlight the key terms used in the job-posting (all the key terms in the listing, not just the terms that apply to you. These terms will later be used in your resume). 
  6. Write a short paragraph explaining why you are applying for this job/internship, how it fits into your career plan. 
  7. Upload the word docs.

The job-listing that is uploaded must have key terms highlighted and a short paragraph reflecting how it fits into your career plan–these are key requirements. 

Read the listing carefully to check it fits in with your career plan. 

Be sure to highlight key terms–this will help you know what the employee is looking for. It will also help in the next step of resume writing. 

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