Jill Lepore’s “What’s Wrong with the Way We Work?” and Eyal Press’s<“America

Jill Lepore’s “What’s Wrong with the Way We Work?” and Eyal Press’s<
“America Runs on ‘Dirty Work’ and Moral Inequality.” Both essays offer perspectives<
on the uses of and views of paid work in contemporary society.<
Please write a unified essay that compares and contrasts what each writer is saying<
about paid work in contemporary society. What conclusions do the authors draw about<
who does what kind of work and how we, as a society, value work both in the present-day<
and in the past? What are the larger, moral implications about paid work raised in the two<
texts? How are the texts asking us to reconsider our own views of work? Be sure your thesis<
statement includes the main similarities and/or differences between the two texts, and why<
those similarities and/or differences are important.<
Please be specific in your answer, drawing on the texts to support your assertions.<
You should use relevant quotes from the texts to strengthen your arguments and include<
citations. Remember to proofread your work

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