It is a research paper The essay is on this category: Category 3 Some excellent,

It is a research paper
The essay is on this category: Category 3
Some excellent, innovative choices of topic and texts were seen, including an analysis of
three contrasting TED talks on climate change; a deconstruction of the rap lyrics in Hamilton;
a survey of the L’Oréal advertising campaign “Because You’re Worth It”; a historical survey of
emoticons / emojis, with specific examples; and a comparison of the British and US book
jackets for the Harry Potter series, in their cultural context. In general, however, many
examiners remarked on the poor quality of Category 3 essays with many being generalized
studies which did not offer a study of an actual text or were too broad in scope; consequently,
these often took the form of vague or generalized assertions about language or media without
any depth. Very often the essays tended to be descriptive or packed with information rather
than being evaluative and analytical.
Students that specified primary sources (e.g., articles from the NY Post and the NY Times,
individual speeches, etc.) tended to do well. Particularly popular were political speeches as
texts: the 2016 election was a popular topic, as was the language of the US president, but UK
speeches about Brexit and Nelson Mandela featured also. Other commonly-chosen areas of
study were female stereotypes in advertising, changes in Disney heroines over time, musicals
and video games, and often a new angle on these topics was needed to take the candidate
beyond simply expressing their personal enthusiasm for the text(s) under discussion or
merely building on textbook examples.
I have a draft of the essay and these are the notes for it
Extended Essay
The work is not at the level it should be
**focus on actually answering the question**
Cant see the research
– Research more deeply in advertisement analysis
– 5-6 sources on advertisement techniques on university level
– Use the research to analyse the advertisement
Do the literature review
To promote the idea of slimness and beauty
Felt really unfocused and off topic
Maybe change the question to
Narrow down the time frame
The advertisements are good but have to be analysed properly
How do ads b/w 1930 and 1990 use techniques to engender shame in women
PEAL structure
Structure paragraphs more,
****Do it technique by technique instead of ad by ad
1. emotive language
2. colourful imagery
3. personal
5. Bandwagon effect
6. Lexis
7. Address
By topic or by theme structure
1. Slimness
1. Ads 2 – 12
2. Techniques
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
2. Fragility
3. Paleness
*****More complex in analysis ******
History of advertisements
Shame about
Lit review
Part one: slimness
– Techniques
Part two: hairy

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