Introduction: For this assignment, you will write and support an argument about/

Introduction: For this assignment, you will write and support an argument about/interpretation of Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Your essay should follow MLA format guidelines (1” margins, 12-point-font, Times New Roman), and should be 3 full pages, minimum.
Directions: While this paper is, primarily, your interpretation of the text, you should develop a clear, well-written argument rooted in textual evidence. Avoid trying to fit an entire text into your response, since this leaves you with such a broad scope that any detailed examination is nearly impossible. The most effective responses pair the the reader’s analysis (your observations and analysis) with a focused argument about the text; that is, the reader has and presents a clear perspective about a specific topic.
As such, the argument you make up to you, and the ways you develop and support your argument should drive the essay. As you draft, consider returning to work you’ve already done:
review your most interesting and attentive discussion posts
review your reading notes/annotations
follow up on class discussions: can you develop an intriguing perspective presented by a peer?
or, of course, or you might develop a new thesis altogether
In addition to a strong thesis, you should incorporate relevant evidence/material from the text, such as details, dialogue, description, narration, imagery, etc. (all of which should be cited). This is in keeping with that old adage of “showing” rather than “telling” as you work out your argument/position. As you integrate textual evidence, remember to quote and cite appropriately. When citing our anthology, please use the anthology page numbers, not the PDF page numbers. For example: “On the other hand, there was keen intimacy between the dog and the man” (London 322).
Finally, please avoid platitudes, cliches, and simplistic conclusions in your essay, and instead delight in the messy complexity of literature as a reflection of the human experience!
Your essay should include the following:
A compelling introduction
A clear thesis (your thesis = a topic + your perspective/argument) located at the end of the introduction
Clear progression of ideas (i.e., organization. Think sequence of arguments/evidence, body paragraphs, topic sentences, etc.)
Evidence from the text that supports your thesis
Close reading of the text (avoid summary/repetition)
Development of ideas/arguments
A clear conclusion that restates your thesis and main points
In-text citation (Last name of the author and the page number where the evidence is found)

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