image analysis ethos,pathos,logos

My ethos, pathos, logos image analysis essay is analyzing an ad about the impact of plastic in our oceans and how it will affect us, humans. (The ad is in the file section) 

The goal of a visual analysis is not to analyze what a writer is arguing about concerning an issue 

but to analyze how the creator of a visual is presenting their argument. Youll do this by 

analyzing the use of rhetorical strategies. Choose a print ad from a magazine, newspaper, or 

billboard. This can be one of the ads used in the Lesson 7 activity or a new ad. You will analyze the 

elements of this ad, how they persuade the audience, and whether or not they are successful in 

their persuasion.


This assignment prompts you to identify the strategies that a particular visual argument employs. 

One of the reasons this technique is useful is it requires you to understand not just what authors 

are saying, but the methods employed to successfully effect persuasion in their intended 

audience. Also, as you get more comfortable identifying the strategies other writers employ, you 

will be able to utilize these strategies effectively in your own acts of persuasion, whether written, 

oral, physical, or visual.


Your audience will consist of your scholarly peers whom you may assume have only a casual 

familiarity with the ad that you are analyzing.


Your rhetorical analysis of the ad will include a discussion of ethos, logos, and pathos, but

focus on the ad. Finally, you will want to evaluate whether these strategies are effective in

convincing the audience to purchase the product that the ad is advocating

Which is the predominant focus of the visual?

What strategies is the author employing to maintain the audiences attention?

Does the visual add information that text could not?

How does the visual deepen understanding of the issue?

Where might the author display/share their visual? Why?-my English professor 

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