Identify a problem in a healthcare setting that could be solved by the implement

Identify a problem in a healthcare setting that could be solved by the implementation of a new health care information management system. (The problem could be from your current workplace or a problem that was identified through course readings and research.)
Identify the stakeholders- who is impacted by the problem? How?
Propose a solution to the problem and the system that would support this solution. Be sure to identify the scope and goals of the project.
Evaluate the costs, set-up, and operational issues that would be part of the technology-based system.
Explain in detail the project management process that would be utilized by your project and the stakeholders involved in each step of its implementation.
Analyze which steps of your plan are the most critical and which are the most time-consuming. What strategies will be employed to manage these aspects of the project?
Determine the criteria that will be used to measure whether or not the project is successful.
Conclude with a summary of the ongoing maintenance, training, and support that will be needed in order to make your project a continued success.
Support your paper and points with a minimum of five sources in addition to the course text. All facts must be supported and in-text citations used throughout the paper must be included in an APA-formatted reference page.

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