i uploaded the interview that we did with my group. this is a group project and

i uploaded the interview that we did with my group. this is a group project and please do not write conclusion for this part. this is my part and it will be continued by other members.
Please pay attention to the concepts. you need to use 3 conc epts from the book that i uploaded and ude them and describe.
i uploaded the meeting information that we attended in zoom at LAHSA. You will need to write about it too.
5 Assessment towards Engagement: Description of the social problem, the affected
community and its strengths. (4-5 pgs.)
This section is a description of the social problem and the affected community as it states in the heading above. Refer to you event, interviews, and research to make your case.
Describe the community your group chose and the social problem. Use the questions below to help you think about the section. Do not just answer each question as if this is a question/answer section. This applies for all below sections.
• What is your group’s chosen community and why should we care about it?
• What are the community’s challenges? What is the problem you have chosen? What is the etiology of the problem? (What social problems are its members more likely to experience?) Start with larger statistics (who is affected and to what extent) and zoom in (include a personal story).
• How does the problem of financial insecurity (i.e. asset poverty, not just below poverty income) or asset gaps affect the community?
• What are strengths social workers can engage in to help community members overcome these challenges? (Reference White’s Subaltern reading in week 5-6).
• What is currently being done about this social problem with your chosen community?
-What has been done so far? What is “your organization” doing about the problem? Have they cut the issue? What is the community practice model most closely associated with your organization or event? (This is the same question as for the mini paper.) To what extent is it a CO or something else?
-Provide an example of a community action currently being taken by a specific agency or agents to address the social problem. You may reference the event/meeting/action you attended.
-Provide an example of current legislation affecting the social problem or community
Be sure to show at least three integrated concepts from the course reading and materials (e.g. Leadership, One-on-One Interviews, self-interest, etc… Frame the work being done in terms of the community practice types explored in the course: community development, community planning, social action/community organizing, social entrepreneurship, etc.). Repeat: throughout the paper, underline the concept and include page number.
Helpful Hints: Remember that we are using the terms community organizing, social action and direct action interchangeably in this course. So, don’t talk about all three like they are three different concepts. As you did in your Mini Paper, tell us what kind of community practice model matches the event/organization. Pick the one that most matches. Review the feedback I have given to you on your Mini Paper.

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