I need this essay to be really good. My first essay was on ted bundy my paper no

I need this essay to be
really good. My first essay was on ted bundy my paper now pretty much needs to
be a movement of serial killers. Ted bundy can be used for this paper but it
needs to be about multiple serial killers and how they are the trends and
events they all do to become a serial killer.
this essay The key is trying to define what
we’ll call the movement. For instance, if you were doing the last ten years,
you can call this the movement of fear, maybe. If you were to do that, you
might talk about Osama Bin Laden, 9/11, the post-9/11 fallout, terrorist
attacks in other countries, the Iraq war, death of Saddam, etc. In talking
about all these things, you would be tying it all into the larger theme of the
growing fear in America, or how fear works in America and the response to these
Hopefully, in
searching for your movement/theme, you’ve already covered a number of these
things in your previous paper, as well as learned about a number of
people/trends/events that you may not have included but now are relevant. The
plan is that this paper doesn’t require a lot of additional research, and if it
does, that the research is very focused because the need for the paper is
The things
you tell me about must be building to a point/thesis.
Avoid just
listing details with no meaning behind them. By the final paper, you need to be
sure there is a reason for the things that you’re talking about in detail.
The other
biggest hurdle of this paper is going to be organization. Keep in mind that you
should have some sort of structure to bind your paper together, whether it be
something as simple as chronological order or a more complex structure. This
may take a couple re-readings of your paper to make sure the flow is there,
that each paragraph transitions to the next clearly, and that everything is
pointing back to your thesis, the movement/theme.
This is a
longer paper due to the amount of information, so we’re shooting for 1500
words, or about 7-8 pages typed. As always, don’t forget to cite your paper as
you go and to make sure the whole paper is in proper MLA format.
There is not
a specified amount of sources required for this paper, but, as stated above, it
is expected that this paper draw from the sources of previous papers, so at the
very least, I
expect there to be upwards of seven (7) scholarly sources used.

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