I need an expert in Applied Linguistics Phonetics and Phonology to complete my dissertation

I have a file os 33 pages in addition to approximately 5 pages of bibliography.
Some parts or elements need to be correct and amended.

syllable structure and sonority.
4- No review to the related studied conducted on the SSP, especially by Arab and Iraqi researchers.
5- Inaccuracy in citing the references.
6- Use simple present when you describe facts.

The supposed writer should adhere to and avoid the following:1- Excessive Tense Shift.
2- Some grammatical errors.
3- Too much and detailed literature on Optimality Theory. Try to minimize the sections on the theory. A focus should be made on the application of optimality theory in phonology with sp

On last thing, the proposed writer will write at least four or five extra pages about generative phonology and related studies of Iraqi and Arab writers who tackled the topic of Sonority Sequencing Principle; also minimizing some written details about Optimality Theory and keeping those that are only related to phonology.

And keep in mind that I will upload all the sources (articles and books) that the writer Nathan has used to write the order.

The corrections are basically in the bibliography while there some sentences have grammatical mistakes , and some other paragraphs need to be provided with names on sources.

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