I need an essay based on the client on the powerpoint attached which has some of

I need an essay based on the client on the powerpoint attached which has some of the information in regards to the client and on the instructions below. The paper (5-6 pages) should include the following: 1. The Agency and Your Role a. The name and location of your field placement agency. Describe the agency, what is the mission, vision, type of services offered, service recipients, and make up of the staff and etc. b. Brief description of your role (i.e. What are your specific responsibilities?) 2. Description of Client a. Demographics (i.e. age, identified gender, socio economic status, race, physical or cognitive disabilities/restrictions) (Please do not share client’s actual name!) b. What is your role specifically with this client? (i.e. What is the nature and extent of your contact with the client?) 3. Engagement a. Description of the engagement process and narrative of how you tried to develop a rapport with the client. b. Was it easy to connect and engage with this client? Did you struggle? Both? If it was easy, reflect on what made it possible, and if it was challenging, reflect on what made it challenging. c. If you could press “reset”, what, if anything, would you do differently to improve the engagement process with this client if given the chance? 4. Assessment a. What is the “presenting problem” via the client’s perspective (i.e. Why is the client being seen by your agency/setting? What is the client seeking in terms of services, support, etc. from your agency/setting?) b. Your assessment of the problem. Your impressions could corroborate the client’s “presenting problem” (i.e. client seeking help for alcohol addiction) OR your impressions might deviate from the client’s perspective (i.e. couple comes in for marital counseling, but one partner discloses domestic violence and drug addiction of the other partner). c. Evidence supporting your assessment (i.e. What behaviors have you observed? What comments has the client made? How does the client present in terms of mood, areas of difficulty, etc.? Have you used any formal assessment tools with this client, and if so, what do the results suggest?) d. As social workers always operate from a strength-based perspective in our work with clients, please identify and describe 2-3 strengths that this client manifests. e. What does research suggest regarding the significance of the assessment process, in general, in social work practice? f. How does the research support or inform your assessment process with this particular client? 5. Treatment Planning and Intervention a. Assessment informs treatment planning and intervention in social work practice. While you likely have not yet had the experience of treating/intervening with this client, what does research suggest about how you might proceed with this client in the area of treatment planning/intervention? 6. Social Work at the Micro Level a. Generalist Social Work Practice I introduces students to clinical work on the “micro” level of practice (individuals, couples, and families). To date at your agency, please indicate your exposure (i.e. Have you worked with individuals, couples, and/or families?) i. If you’ve had experience, please speak to the skills necessary to work with individuals vs. couples vs. families and the personal challenges you’ve encountered. ii. If you haven’t yet worked with couples or families, what do you anticipate the challenges might be? Where do you think you may struggle? 7. Perspective Gained and Growth Anticipated a. Identify 3 things that you know now about being a social worker that you did not know prior to this semester. (Essentially, how have your grown as a professional, based on your field experience and/or academic experience?) b. Identify 3 areas of growth that you look forward to achieving during the spring semester, or next year. (What do you hope to experience and/or learn about in the future?) Research (approximately 3-5 citations) should be used to support the areas specifically requesting research. Please use APA (7th edition) style for your citations. The Shulman text can be one of, but not your only, scholarly source.

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