I asked you to write me a reasearch paper on stem cells around a month ago which

I asked you to write me a reasearch paper on stem cells around a month ago which was great. This second paper builds on the work done in the first paper, with the emphasis this time around on the ethical, legal,
social, and/or political implications and controversies surrounding the tech/practice (t/p) discussed in Paper 1. You could choose to focus on the ethical implications of a
t/p, or analyze that t/p through one or more of the various ethical approaches. Similarly, you could consider the religious
implications of the t/p via a survey of various religious responses, or take a deep dive into a particular religion’s response. Or
you consider the social or political implications of the t/p, offering a critical, Marxian, libertarian, post-modern, etc., take on
the topic. You could take a sociological or anthropological approach, perhaps comparing the reception or use of the t/p in one
society to another, or to how cultures in the past responding to similar t/ps. You could lean into the law and look at
legislation proposed or passed in response to the t/p, court cases, or legal questions which have been/are likely to be raised.
As with the first paper, I don’t expect you to cover all ELSPI aspects of the t/p: pick a lane, and stick to it.
This paper may include some description, but should be more analytical and, unlike in paper 1, it is not only acceptable
but encouraged for you to offer your own well-reasoned and informed take on the tech or practice. Thank You!

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