story of stuff for this disc

The Story of Stuff

story of stuff
for this discussion forum, you will need to consult the links in the PowerPoint.
Slide 1 presents a link to a short film called “the Story of Stuff” and briefly answers these questions:
According to the narrator, what is the relationship between corporations and the government in the United States?
According to the narrator, to who and where are the negative impacts of our consumer-based economy felt the most?
According to the narrator, what is the relationship between our economic system and our sense of identity? How and why does consumption impact our sense of self and our social relationships?
2. Based on the PowerPoint slides and the links to videos embedded in them, list three major differences between socialism and capitalism.
3. Our economy is mostly capitalist, but there are some resources that are “public” or socialized. List three of them.
4. Based on your opinion, what else should be “public” or socialized that is currently privately controlled? Discuss at least one example.
5. Summarize the information presented in the pie charts on slides 14 and 15. You should listen to the audio. Give some suggestions for how you think the chart should ideally look? What should the federal budget look like? (Just throw out a few suggestions, based on what kinds of resources you think the government should invest in).

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