Hi, I need assistance writing a term paper for my MBA Class Business Law at the

I need assistance writing a term paper for my MBA Class Business Law at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are currently using the book
The article we will be using is this one:
Which asks the question: Can a doctors free speech be restricted if they are spreading misinformation about COVID 19?
I need to argue both sides based on existing law and the description below, which asks us to explain both sides legal and factual arguments, and then come my own conclusion based on the law.
Question for the paper: Can medical boards discipline doctors for public misinformation about COVID 19, or is their speech protected by the First Amendment? Typically one on one doctor patient communication is not protected, and doctorsare not allowed to give misinformation. Should this standard be applied to a doctors public statements?
Side 1: The first amendment protects doctors because they should be allowed too participate freely in public debate, and should not be prevented from speaking because it could stifle debate on matters still in dispute
Side 2: A doctor giving false information publicly, especially via social media which amplfies the message, could cause members of the public to get sick and die, and thus shouldbe subject to punishment.
Conclusion: Doctors speech can be regulated if it involves the scientific understanding of the virus and its mechanisms of action, and treatments. However if statements extend to matters that are not fully decided, First Amendment rights should be protected.
Instructions from Professor Below:
You are free to find other articles of topical legal interest and choose that instead especially if it relates to your work. In fact, I prefer this. The topics listed are only in case you really cannot think of any area where law intersects with what you do in your business world. For example, none of the articles I have listed deal with health care management but there are certainly lots of current health care topics that intersect with law.
The point is to pick something of interest to you, find a news article that covers it and do your research and writing to expand how the law affects or drives that topic.
Bottom line-I am directing you to these kinds of news articles to reinforce how law affects business every single day. Let me know what topic you want to focus on before you begin so I can possibly give you some pointers or suggest a particular direction.
The way to go about writing the paper is to understand that in law there are at least two sides to every issue (and usually more than two sides). As such, once you have picked the issue you have decided upon for your topic, research and present the factual and legal positions of both (or all) sides and then analyze those positions and their legal basis. Finally, present which side you come down on (or a third option) and why you decided on that conclusion with supporting legal authority. In other words-don’t just do a survey. Instead do some original thinking as evidenced by where and why you come out on the issue.
In structuring your paper, start with a concise statement of the issue. The paper should demonstrate your understanding and use of tools and concepts developed in the course. It must include a one page executive summary (which counts towards the 20-page limit). Your paper should not exceed 20 pages double spaced or roughly 5500 words. A title page, exhibits, graphs and references do not count towards the page limit. It is always helpful for the reader to see your sources which may include interviews or other exchanges. Use the legal principals we have discussed in class, as appropriate, in coming to your opinion.
In terms of format, double spacing is fine and a length of ten to fifteen pages is where you want to come in. You will be surprised to find that it will be hard to get it down to that length. In terms of submitting the paper, I have set this up as an Assignment in Safe Assign. Below is a video of how to submit your paper.
My philosophy on papers is that it is a lot harder to write a short paper than a long one and you usually find the best written material in a shorter format. That said, it is difficult to do justice to the material if your paper is less than 15 pages.
Course TextBook:
Business Law: Text and Cases, 13th Edition, 2015
Kenneth W. Clarkson University of Miami
Roger Miller Institute for University Studies Arlington, Texas
Frank B. Cross University of Texas, Austin
ISBN-10: 1285185242 | ISBN-13: 978128518524

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