Hi Writer, I have my final assignment for Module 1 in my masters degree in HEC-P

Hi Writer,
I have my final assignment for Module 1 in my masters degree in HEC-Paris (this is 1 of the best business schools, that’s why I asked for a PHD level and a top 10 writer. it is about leadership and culture, they have provided us with tests that we can know our type (I attached them to the order with “sources to be used on the comments along with my CV”, I have also attached 2 Harvard business review articles that the professor said you need to include them.
you can find the slides of Module 1 here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uDnZU5-9JEStbb3m2ScQvJivN5A4UwWu?usp=sharing
the professor commented that when you do the PDP please Don’t Explain what is leadership or cultural intelligence are
** Be Careful of ** • Plagiarism (the assignment will be submitted through Turn it in and URKUND, and it is going to be corrected by 3 instructors in total. please be careful of how you are writing things up as the will catch if I am chost writing things; hence I have provided my CV and both tests they have made me attempt to link it to what you are writing, so you need to be careful of copying and pasting other people’s work, and you should cover all the requirements. • make sure that you talk about Qatar as it is my country. • please make sure that all the sources are coming from a well known business sources and peer-reviewed • please ensure to highlight what you have quoted ad referenced in the copy of the sources • when you are doing the smart paper please comment wisely with good details that may get missed by me or explain the info in more details to understand it • you work to be 100% organized professional and comply with anything required • this assignment is worth 30% of my total grades in two classes; I am totally relying on you to have a perfect A+ assignment. Thank you in Advance

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